RNT Bulikproof Gameyard


RNT Bulikproof Gameyard
Fly high above the rest.... cuts second to none.

For more information you can e-mail at
rntbulikproof@yahoo.com or call 09153777278.

You can goto my FB account Al Tomacruz to
leave personal messages.

Thanks for visiting my website.
God Blessed You All.

****Available Broodfowls for Sale Updated Feb. 13, 2015****

2014-2015 Bloodlines


  Demon Lemon Dom(Lemik)
Lemon x Bulik

                                  Silver Bulik

                                 BlackSweater x Bulik


                                                                               DF Sweater x Bulik

                                                    Gilmore Hatch x Bulik

  Doom Grey(Greyik)
HB HatchGrey x Bulik

                                                         Blackhawk Dom(Blik)
                                                                  MS Black x Bulik

  Tomahawk Dom(Roundhik)
Roundhead x Bulik

<<New>> Updated Oct'2014
 For Sale Banded Cockerels By Mid of April 2015


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RNT Bulikproof Gameyard
Al Tomacruz

Breeding Area:
Brgy. San Isidro, Zaragoza, N.E.

Cording and Ranging Area::
Brgy. Kaingin, Sumacab, Cabanatuan City, N.E.

Bloodlines Available:
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